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multi-person-room - The Moment BFF 6-Person Room Hualien Hotel

Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko

The Moment BFF 6-Person Room


Equipped with exclusive bathroom facilities and a spacious private balcony, friends who depart on a trip in this American-style room can use the space freely, where the continuous laughter is the happiest memory of this journey.


Level Ground|8 ping/ 26 square meters

Bed Type|A total of 6 single beds (105cm x 200cm) in the room, while the sofa bed area contains bunker beds for 4 people.

Facilities|Independent bathroom,Washlet, bar, LCD television, side table and chairs, air conditioner, Wi-Fi

Starting from 2023/7/1, Lakeshore initiates a sustainable housing activity. We will not actively provide “disposable” toiletries or skincare items in the guest rooms. To encourage our guests to bring your own supplies, we provide you with privileges. To learn more: Latest news from Lakeshore website

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