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The sustainable journey, Lakeshore goes first

we will initiate an activity that reduces the use of disposable toiletries and skincare items for travel and accommodation. To encourage bring your own supplies and join us in moving towards sustainability.

【Sustainability Forerunner Wins Privileges】
Thank you for your Sustainable Travel!

if you inform us that you will not take disposable items while checking in. You will receive the Forerunner Wins Surprises!

Do not take disposable items, and you can receive scratch card!
Scrape now and member points await your redemption

Bonus chance to win accommodation vouchers!
We will select one lucky winner, who will receive accommodation vouchers as a gift every season.(On 4/10 and 7/10, we will notify the winners of the prize information via the official Lakeshore Hotels Group LINE account. Accommodation vouchers will be transferred to the winners’ member accounts.)

*If you have redeemed  online scratch cards, we will no longer provide “disposable package” toiletries and skincare items. Thank you for the cooperation.
*Lakeshore Hotel reserves the right of final modification, change, event explanation and cancelation of this activity.

【Lakeshore Sustainability Journey】

Upgraded bamboo charcoal drinking system to replace bottled water
We have replaced disposable bottled water with a bamboo charcoal drinking system and eco-friendly water bottles, significantly reducing plastic waste while upgrading our drinking facilities with high-quality bamboo charcoal water. Guests can use the in-room water bottles to get your own water from the drinking fountains on each floor.
↗Sustainable travel starts at the source

Reduce your carbon footprint and take public transportation
Try exploring new destinations by foot, bike or public transportation
Make your trip comfortable and enjoyable without driving.

Bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, shower cap and other personal items
Avoid disposable plastic products, and take away used toiletries and skincare items for reuse
We select low-carbon products and invite you to bring your own toiletries to reduce plastic at once.
Sustainable travel, book your room now

Save energy and reduce pollution in the environment
Shower instead of bathe and brush teeth with the mouthwash cup.
Reduce the need to change bed sets and towels during your stay.
Save water and reduce the environmental pollution from detergents.

Reduce food waste by eating local, in-season fruits and vegetables
Choose the right amount of meals and local, seasonal ingredients.
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions through small dietary changes.

The small changes in travel can make a big impact
Through sustainable travel, we have more strength to move towards Net Zero

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