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Bicycle Rental Service

The hotel provides several variable-speed bicycles for rental,

allowing travelers to wander freely amongst the mountains and the ocean while enjoying the journey in Hualien .

Recommended Cycling Routes

  1. Riding to the North: One can go to Xincheng Old Street to visit Xincheng sea embankment, Xincheng Catholic Church, Etude Bookstore, Jia Xing Lemon Juice, and Dou Hua-Er – the hipster style tofu pudding…etc. to feel the rustic comfort of the old street.
  2. Traveling to the South: Ride along the coastline while enjoying the slightly salty sea breeze and looking afar into the Pacific Ocean, remember to visit Yuciren Happy Waffle by the sea, and walk towards the beach to enjoy the magnificent sea views of the azure coast.


  1. The rate will be charged per hour if delayed for 30 minutes (inclusive) at NT$150 per hour.
  2. Please read carefully and understand the Bicycle Rental and Riding Notes when renting a bicycle, and please agree to follow the various rules.
  3. Rental is restricted to adults only; it is unavailable for children under the age of 12 or for carrying a second person.
  4. For any unmentioned matters, the Lakeshore Hotel reserves the right to modify, add, delete or terminate without further notification.

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