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Tranquil embraces the magnificent full views of the mountains and the oceans, the “Lento Restaurant” which persists in serving only local mutual beneficial characteristic meals and the first tea drink shop under the group, “Manbo Tea Shop.” A diversification of indoor facilities: outdoor swimming pool and outdoor warm-water SPA pool are suitable for travelers who favor a relaxed vacation to enjoy a whole day of embracing the magnificent views of the mountains and the oceans.

The Moment Hotel Hualien by Lakeshore is equipped with a self-help counter, where travelers can check in and check out via technological approach without coming into contact with the service personnel. thereby significantly decreasing the time for check-in procedures. One can enjoy a comfortable, safe and convenient accommodation experience.
It is then combined with simple but functional compound public spaces such as the self-help kitchen and the social room…etc., as well as the musical device allowing travelers to make song requests and interactions, where sharing and communication then naturally occur. The place is filled with ingenious creativity everywhere.

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