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Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko

About Lakeshore

Lakeshore Hotel Hualien Taroko is located at the place where mountains and oceans meet; it is close to the Taroko National Park and the vast deep blue Pacific Ocean with mountains at the back and oceans in front. Travelers can admire the sunrise above sea level with the best field of vision while looking into the Ci-Sing-Tan arc bay to enjoy the leisurely, natural and wonderful life experience with ease.


The hotel has planned five different styled accommodation spaces to provide the best accommodation experience for travelers with all types of needs. Including the panoramic view of the mountains and the oceans, the local and exquisite dining experience, as well as created the innovative and convenient brand, “The Moment Hotel Hualien by Lakeshore” In the future, hot spring pools and recreational space for adults and children, as well as leisure farm facilities…etc. will further be established, hoping to become a holiday resort suitable for all age groups.

Lakeshore Promises Safe-Stay Hotel

The hotels of Lakeshore Group are cleaned and disinfected with green disinfection – chlorine dioxide in accordance with the standards of WHO and A1 certified by US EPA. Efficient cleaning procedures are executed to guarantee visitors’ safety. It is harmless to people, the environment, and animals. Lakeshore is dedicated to take care the health of its colleagues and visitors.

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