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Pet Accommodation Agreements

  1. Pet accommodation time: 3:00 p.m. check-in to 11:00 a.m. check-out the next day.
  2. During your pet’s stay, the owner can enter and exit with the room card. Please do not touch other owners’ pets without their consent.
  3. During the stay of your pet, the hotel provides cleaning service in the sleeping room. The cleaning service will be provided only when the owner takes the pet out of the sleeping room.
  4.  Please bring your own pet food for the duration of your pet’s stay and feed your pet by yourself. Except in case of emergency, the Hotel staff will not touch the pets or open the door of their dormitories.
  5. Please clean up immediately after your pet has urinated or defecated in the park to provide a comfortable outdoor environment for other visitors and pets.
  6.  Pets are only allowed to enter the pet hotel or outdoor areas for pets, and other public spaces such as Hotel lobbies, restaurants, pools, etc. are not open to pets. When your pet is with other pets, owners should take good care of your pets and ensure safety to avoid accidents.
  7. Lakeshore Hotel reserves the right to amend and explain any matters not covered in the above Pet Accommodation Agreements.

Accommodation Related Instructions

    1.  If the pet’s stay is terminated or expires on the accommodation date, the owner should take the pet back on the same day unless the Hotel agrees to continue to stay overnight; if the pet stays overnight, it shall be regarded as malicious abandonment by the owner, and the Hotel may dispose of the pet or give it away in accordance with the Animal Protection Law. The accommodation fee will be forfeited and the food/supplies attached may be given to the adopter as a gift when foster care is delivered.
    2.  The pet room only accepts dogs/cats that are at least 5 months old, free from infectious diseases and have completed regular vaccinations. The Hotel does not provide accommodation for pets, reptiles, conservation animals or raptors with skin diseases or infectious diseases.
    3.  Owners are responsible for fully informing the Hotel of their pets’ health conditions when signing the “Pet Hotel Registration and Affidavit.” The Hotel will not be responsible for any illness, injury, loss or death of the pet caused by any misrepresentation. If other pets are infected, get sick or die, or your pet causes damage to the Hotel’s property, the owner shall be liable for compensation without any objection.
    4. The owner is solely responsible for the behavior of the pet. If the pet causes damage to the Hotel’s facilities, causes an attack that results in human injury, or violates the terms of this Accommodation Agreement, the owner must be held responsible for any subsequent compensation.
    5. If the  Hotel is at fault for the injury, loss or death of the pet, the Hotel shall be responsible for the medical expenses with the maximum compensation of NT$15,000.


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