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Lakeshore Signature Dish


These are the 10 must-taste cuisines standing out from many cuisines gathered from the essence of the chefs’ signature dishes of life from all 9 hotels, demonstrating Lakeshore’s sincerity and effort towards breakfast cuisines.

Lobster & Crispy Crab Miso Soup

It uses Japan’s national soup, miso soup, with fresh lobster heads, dried anchovies and onions to bring together the sweet essence of the ocean, plus crispy fried crab, served with steaming hot rice and topped with fresh fish roe, Ajitaka kamaboko, kelp and scallions, the texture of which is like the waves of the sea lapping at the taste buds, and the richness of the ocean’s feelings warming the heart.

Wagyu Beef Burger with Kale Borecole

The hand-made thick and juicy wagyu burger patty is prepared with fresh kale borecole popular since the Sung and Ming periods, as well as the aromatic cheese sauce, and placed into mini burgers dyed with natural food colorants such as matcha and red yeast rice. The classic taste is a perfect combination of Eastern and Western cuisines where both the gustation and vision are astonishing!

Shepherd's Pie

The brand-new presentation of English country cuisine originated from Ireland in the 17th and 18th centuries. With aromatic and juicy bolognese as the base, the baked layers of egg and mashed potato give a marvelous amber pattern. Its crispy, smooth, sweet & sour fresh taste is unforgettable to people.

Minced Wagyu Beef Rice with Truffle

The luxurious upgrade of Taiwan’s national food, where stringently selected minced wagyu beef is simmered with broth prepared using beef bones and fresh vegetables to fuse the color of the sauce with the fragrance of the meat. It is then placed on top of steaming hot rice together with aromatic truffle sauce. One can also add coriander and pickled yellow turnip slices to enhance the flavor according to your own preference, making it a delicious dish where one would desire more.

Cuttle Fish Noodles with Vinegar

Reconstructing Tainan’s characteristic gourmet food – eel noodles, where solid culinary skills take perfect control of the cooking heat with rapid stir-frying, allowing the classic sweet & sour thick sauce of southern Taiwan to cling onto the fresh and chewy calamari as well as noodles while bringing out the charming culinary spirit of “wok hei,” where the slight burnt salty and sweet taste makes one feel as if strolling in the alleys of Tainan.

Fish with Chopped Chili

Based on the chopped chili cuisine culinary skills of Hunan cuisines, it ingeniously fuses the “brewing” skills inherited from indigenous people of Hualien/Taitung tribes, grinding juices from chili pepper, garlic, ginger, and the white part of scallion for soaking to prepare the handmade chopped chili sauce fermented for 72 hours under low temperature, which is then placed on top of fresh tender fish slices for steaming to give the delicious dish with bright color and hot flavor.

Shrimp, Mango, and Yam Bean Salad

Selecting Taiwan’s mango for the preparation, ingeniously blending fruit fish roe salad dressing with chewy fresh shrimp, tender asparagus, as well as juicy and crisp yam bean enriched in dietary fibers to bring out the freshness, fragrance, and sweetness of the food. Coconut powder is sprinkled on last to enhance the layers of sweetness, making it a refreshingly elegant morning salad.

Fried Pork with Lemon Juice and Honey

Fusing with the deep tea culture of the Chinese people to prepare a creative cuisine made from fried pork, the stringently selected firm and tender pork tenderloin is cured with honey, lemon, and bay leaves, and soaked in black tea for crispy frying to attain the crispy exterior with soft meat. It is relished with the chef’s signature sweet & sour black tea with lemon and honey sauce to enhance the taste of the cuisine.

Hakka Peanut Tofu

Ancient techniques are followed to prepare the traditional centennial Hakka rice noodles and to reproduce the eternal rice art of the Hakka people. The complicated procedure is hidden behind the ordinary looks, where time is required in exchange for the deliciousness. Peanuts with skin on are soaked for 8 hours, which is then hand beaten into paste and filtered for the juice, it is then relished with chopped green celeries to present the pure taste of the food ingredients with a slight sticky chewiness and aromatic smoothness.

Chicken Wings with Camellia Oil

Being creative about globally popular deep-fried chicken with the intention of diversified creativity and a healthy diet, where highly nutritional Taiwan camellia seed oil is added to tender chicken wings, and then deep-fried in the juicy Taiwanese and crispy American approaches. With rosemary as sauce brush, chef’s signature camellia seed oil balsamic vinegar are used to achieve an aromatic scent and refreshing taste that makes people desire more.

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